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Cala’n Bosch provides a slice of paradise. This contemporary resort is popular with holidaymakers from all over Europe and the world nowadays. The pure white sand beaches and the crystal clear waters are enough to draw in big crowds. However, Cala’n Bosch has a lot more to offer than this, with delightful local artisan crafts and arts, a beautiful harbour, fun water sports and mouth-watering cuisine. Is it of any surprise that villas in Cala’n Bosch are so highly sought after?

Cala’n Bosch has established itself as a resort that is popular with all types of visitors, especially families, with couples and groups of friends often visiting as well.

The beaches at Cala’n Bosch are truly to die for. The white sand is exquisite, whilst the clear waters are magical. Not only does this provide you with the perfect base to relax and sunbathe, but you can take advantage of a great assortment of water sports events as well, including wind surfing and water skiing.

Whilst the beach is the place to be at during the day in Cala’n Bosch, the harbour is the place to be during the night. You are able to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants, with fresh and tasty seafood being a recommended choice. The atmosphere at the harbour during the evening is warm, vibrant and lively. Everyone is in high spirits and there are some stunning stalls selling fantastic local arts and crafts. It is also worth pointing out that Cala’n Bosch is situated near the town of Ciutadella, which is somewhere we always advise our customers to visit.

If you would like to take a trip to this stunning and exciting holiday resort, all you have to do is start looking at the assortment of Cala’n Bosch villas we have available. We have a villa to suit all party sizes, all requirements and indeed all budgets. In fact, we are always rewarding our customers with amazing special offers, presenting you with a great way of making your money go further!

When using Finishing Touch Holidays there are various ways for you to narrow down your search for the perfect accommodation. You can indeed simply browse through all of the villas in Cala’n Bosch we have featured on our website. Or, if you have something more specific in mind, use one of our search tools to filter your search. This gives you the chance to filter based on everything from private pools, to villa size, to air conditioning, to sea views and more. You will then be presented with all of the Cala’n Bosch villas that match your requirements. You can take a look at each villa in further detail, reading the elaborate descriptions and browsing through the various pictures. If you are still feeling a bit unsure regarding which villa to go for, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always more than happy to assist in any way we can!

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